you rock workshop


Thinking that you should be able to get more out of your life? 
Willing to take further steps, but feeling that you are restricted by certain thoughts or circumstances?
Wishing you were more efficient?

Ask yourself:
Do I dare invest in myself?
Am I motivated enough to start research and take action?
Would I like to have a mind-set that could help me to be successful, always look at situations in a positive way and use my time twice as smartly? 

If the answer is yes, then treat yourself to the YOU ROCK challenge. 

Let’s Rock Your Life!
Every couple of weeks I host a YOU ROCK session; 
Mornings that can contribute to keeping your dreams alive. Practical sessions that help you define how to live your life to the fullest in your current (family-) situation.  
These workshops focus on mind-set, overcoming personal obstacles, and concrete steps on how to get more out of your day. 

JOIN NOW and let’s ROCK the world!

Upcoming workshops – Theme – Date (time 9.30-11.30h)

1: See your passion
2: Visualize your life
3: Year(s)-plan
4: Stop thinking, start doing
5: Oh my habits

Costs in short, read more about this below
– Total package of 5 x two-hours-group-workshops: 550 chf/ 10h/group*
– Separate 2-hours-group-workshop: 120 chf/ 2h/ group*
– Personal 1-on-1 workshop: 150 chf/1h/1 pers
– 2 persons year(s)plan workshop: 375 chf/2h/2 pers
* Group max. 6 pers.

Location: Zug area, exact location will be send to you when you book the sessions.

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BOOK NOW via the online e-mail form on the contact page. Please don’t forget to mention the dates you want to join.