Recipes that suit Addis grocery shopping

Veggie Market Addis Ababa

Shopping in Addis is quit a challenge and time consuming. Every week there are new products found and some items just disappear during the day. There are a lot of little market shops on the street for fruits and some basics, but as a western family, we mostly shop in supermarkets where they also sell some ‘western/ international’ products.

To give you a little insight:

I buy eggs, fruits and vegetables in Old Airport in the little street shops.
I buy my oranges (not to sour) in the Farmer’s market of the Queen supermarket.
Meat we mostly buy in Fresh Corner and all other products I mostly find in Fantu and Gara.
If they don’t have it, I visit Novis, Shoa and/ or Bambis.

Every now and than I compare the prices and products between the different supermarkets. I also follow some Telegram/ Facebook and WhatsApp posts to see where you can find products, like milk and butter, as they can be sold out for weeks.

After some time you discover which products you can best use to create your meal. So I would like to share my recipes with you to inspire you for an ‘Addis-easy-to- get -product’ dinner.

Every now and than i’ll update some recipes for you on this page, on my Pinterest page I daily update recipes, so please feel free to check!




Main dishes and side dishes



Veggie Market Addis Ababa
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