Ibiza is always a good idea

Ibiza is a charming island with sunsets in hidden beautiful bays just waiting to be discovered. The last five years, we somehow were lucky to have a get together on the island at least once every year. And so we created our little sst-list for a weekend Ibiza which I’ll share with you.

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Golden start of the day

I’m always looking for healthy ways of living, but … practical and eatable. This means it shouldn’t cost me a lot of time, especially in the morning. We are busy enough to get on time for our first appointment. And at least, it should taste normal. Sometimes I got tips about heathy things and they just taste disgusting. Think of using goat milk in your coffee instead of cow milk…this will indeed screw up your favo coffee break. And don’t touch that break! It’s one of my best breaks during the day. Will tell you more about it in my blog ‘Dying for a Coffee Break’ in a couple of weeks.

OK back to the subject … It’s always good to start the day in a healthy way. The Golden morning shot is the golden start of the day. And why? It is healthy and takes 5 minutes to make ones a week and 20 sec to do daily. Isn’t that easy!

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