order ‘characterise-it!’ artwork

Your own personalised characterise-it!-artwork

The ‘characterise-it!’- artworks are portrait photographs with added objects to manifest the character of a person which find their harmony in the glass box; the oeuvre of the artist; Katja Schutte.

Big thanks to Guy van Loo, artist of Mudware (Tilburg, the Netherlands) who helped producing the art pieces.

If you are interested in this artwork you will get an unique personalized piece of art of your own child(s), relative(s) or friend(s) seen through Katja’s artistic view.

Click here to contact Katja!

How it works:

  • Get in contact with Katja, click here
  • Chose the size of the artwork.
  • Sign the agreement and pay the artwork.
  • A meeting will take place between the person you want to show and Katja. She will ask questions to get to know the character of this person better, so that she can incorporate this into her artwork.
  • The glass box is made in your chosen size.
  • Katja makes the portrait photo and involves the most authentic capture of the person’s emotions and expressions.
  • Katja creates the object to strengthen the character of the person.
  • The portrait photo is printed, the object is placed and the box is closed.
  • Delivery time is up to where you live and where I am at that moment! It can be created and delivered anywhere on this beautiful world.

Hope to meet you soon!