Im Viadukt in Zürich West it is!

Where can I find the boutique industrial cool area of Zürich?? When visiting a city I’m dying for getting inspired, boutique shopping, studio-gallery strolling, eating delicatesses and getting impressed by people on the street. No bankers, no discerning shoppers, but more the urban-fashion-bohemian-trendy-art-lovers. So where is this area? I know they have it in Zürich; the home to the largest techno street party! But where?

Yes I discovered it! Im Viadukt, Zürich West, Kries 5, it is!

How did I find it?
We were invited to the apéro of the exhibition ‘Souls’ of Vanessa Willemse at the ArtBox Gallery in Zürich. We walked from the central station (Zürich Bahnhof) to the Giessereistrasse, ArtBox Gallery, a 20 minute walk, not knowing this area and no clue where we will end up. Kreis 5 – Zürich. Surprise surprise, every step we took, we felt more that we were getting closer to the Brixton-kinda-Zürich. It felt that Zürich’s old industrial centre has been reborn. And suddenly we saw the 36 beautiful arches of the railway viaduct with great outlets in each arch. Foodmarket hall, fashion- & interior boutiques, studio galleries, bars, restaurants, great looking people and …sst… suddenly trains trundle overhead.

More information about the Im Viadukt, click here.
And sst…go there and just stroll, shop, enjoy, eat & drink!

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