Ibiza is always a good idea

Ibiza is a charming island with sunsets in hidden beautiful bays just waiting to be discovered. The last five years, we somehow were lucky to have a get together on the island at least once every year. And so we created our little sst-list for a weekend Ibiza which I’ll share with you.

Our good friends rented a gorgeous villa via Harissa and we were visiting them on this beautiful spot. We were with four adults and four little kids, so we skipped the partying-part this time. Instead of nighttime, lunchtime became very important for us. We went to many well known places like Cotton Beach Club and El Chiringuito with its lovely kids-club… but one place is a real sst… if you like lob’sst’er, authenticity and sand on your feet go to Ses Boques.

If you feel like clear waters, long stretches of beach, restaurants and watersports you must go to Formentera for a day-trip. Rent a boat or hop on a ferry from one of Ibiza’s ports and enjoy the smallest of Spain’s Balearic islands in the Mediterranean Sea. And hands-down some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen.

I was honored to do the styling for my husband’s best friend’s wedding on Ibiza. Lucky me the location was a paradise itself, check out this great luxury agroturismo Atzaro, so not much styling needed…sst we couldn’t resist to add a personal touch. Whoops… Will tell you more about it in an other blog article.

As part of the wedding, we needed to pre-visit the island several times to check all styling details. Besides ‘work’, at lunch we discovered the magical beach club Amante Beach Club.
And at night … sst…kids were back in Zug … so party-time! We went to Lío.  During dinner till 11 o’clock performers entertain you that treat you to a night of fun and after 11 a DJ arrives so dance dance dance.

If you are planning to go to Ibiza for a weekend, be sure you reserve all restaurants.
So my weekendplanning will be:
Friday arrival early morning, check in at Atzaro. Go to the spa and take a mani- and pedicure so you hands and feet are shining for the weekend. Have a late lunch at Amante Beach Club and stay there till the suns drops in the see.
Saturday, rent a boat or hop on the ferry to Formentera before lunchtime. It’s approximately 40 minutes cruise. Have great lunch at Juan y Andrea and enjoy the beautiful beach, crystal clear water and the food. After this beach day go back to Atzaro, take a Bloody Mary and prepare yourself for Lío. Enjoy the eve!
Sunday, after the lovely breakfast at Atzaro, pack your luggage and take a swim. This early afternoon no fancy dresses needed as we are heading to Ses Boques to have one of the biggest lobsters you have probably eaten in you life. After lunch you need a siesta, so grap a beach chair at El Chiringuito and take a nap. When you are awake buy a tunic in their little boutique store so you are ready for the afternoon. Enjoy the last sun shine of you weekend and have a safe flight home!
Now the island is waiting for you! And sst…what’s on the islands, stays on the island!

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