An overview of the costs is provided below.

The ultimate YOU ROCK Workshops consists of 5 x 2h-mornings from 9.30h-11.30h and costs 550 chf/10 hours.
To get the most out of it, it’s best if you take all five. 

It is also possible to take them separately. 
Cost per one YOU ROCK Workshop, from 9.30h-11.30h, 120 chf/2 hours.

If you want to book a personal YOU ROCK Workshop, the costs are 150 chf/hour.  

The YOU ROCK Workshop Year(s)plan (no 3) can be taken by you and your partner and will costs 375 chf/ 2 hours.

All sessions include teaching materials, reminders, water, tea, coffee and some healthy treats because that makes us all happy.Morning Theme – Date (time 9.30-11.30h)

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BOOK NOW via the online e-mail form on the contact page. Please don’t forget to mention the dates you want to join.