‘characterise it’ – meet the artist

For the artist, Katja Schutte, the process of photography combined with objects brings forth new meaning to the portraits. This all intensives the character of the portrayed person.

The two sets of portrait photography and added art objects in one box find their harmony in the oeuvre of the artist. Every person has his or her own beauty and she wants to show it. Her artworks manifest the real mood, emotion and expression of the person at that particular age. Indeed, pictures don’t lie, but the additional object gives a reflection of the person, which can be used as a means to identify and delineate our own beliefs and views, our own stories, and personal histories.

The objects displaying various forms of gesture are fleshed out of organic elements such as feathers, insects, leaves, insects as well as other materials. Most chosen material previously lived another life. The picture and the materials combine to an impressive and tender artwork.

With the added objects she uses intuitive creativity. She produces self invented insects, masks, clothes pieces and other interesting objects. They all exclude a certain personal beauty that reflect the character of the individual. And it is precisely this challenge that Katja is very interested in working with when it comes to making her artworks. There is a thoughtful honesty that is very much involved with the style of the artist. They are an ode to life and creative expression.

Each individual has a different character and this is also clearly reflected in the artwork; the facial expression, the photo editing, the subtly chosen materials of the added objects and the artful shaped insects. The artwork reveals a play between light and shadows, naughtiness and tenderness, childhood and maturity. A creative process where the character of the person is central from start to finish.

If you are interested in this artwork you will get an unique personalized piece of art of your own child(s), relative(s) or friend(s) seen through Katja’s artistic view.

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