about me

The last years I have moved quite a bit and it always has had a great impact on us. The starting point of my day is to make our home our home; a place where we can charge & relax and where our dreams come true. While traveling, I’ve learned to take care of ourselves as a family and surround ourselves with people and things that make us happy.

I collect unique selections of natural objects, beautiful handmade artefacts and nice-to-haves to create a home port wherever it is on this beautiful world. And this world with all its different cultures and nature drives my creative inspiration; I decorate, paint, take pictures, love to do interior styling and create products and art pieces that reminds me to the memorable journeys in our lives.

Right now we happily live in Ethiopia, Africa. A dream came true! My roots are in Kenya, so lucky us we moved here! I always got inspired by African cultures! If you walk through my house you will feel a bit of Africa, even when we lived in snow-y Swiss. And now I live in the heart of my dream- continent with all its treasures!

To share my inspirations by my experiences in cultures and countries, I will invite you to my ‘Wundertisch’; a well-styled table as a gesture of welcoming and hospitality.  My goal is to transform a blank canvas into a gorgeous tablescape, at home or online. Everything on & around the table is for sale … except for me ; )

And last but not least …. as we are constantly on the move we discover a lot in this world, which I love to share with you on my social media and blog. So sst… read & enjoy!