about me

The last years I have moved quite a bit and it always has had a great impact on us. The starting point of my day is to make our home our home; a place where we can charge & relax and where our dreams come true. I’ve learned to take care of ourselves as a family and surround ourselves with people and things that make us happy.

I collect unique selections of natural objects, beautiful handmade artefacts and nice-to-haves to create a home port wherever it is on this beautiful world. And this world with all its different cultures and nature drives my creative inspiration; I paint, take pictures and create art pieces that reminds me to the memorable journeys in our lives.

After graduating in MA Communications Management in London I have had a successful career in Information and Communication Technology spanning over 20 years. I was a busy career woman living in Amsterdam, juggling work, business travel, family and home. Then in 2016 came a change……our family relocated to Switzerland with my husband’s job. And all of a sudden I became a stay at home mum / expat wife. I did feel very lucky to have the opportunity to take some time off work and to reflect, but the prospect of leaving my career behind was a scary one because my work had always been such a major part of my life… However, now, when I am finally able to focus on my husband and kids (and myself!), and to rediscover my hobbies, especially in art, I realize that it gives me most satisfaction to help, inspire and share happiness with people. I have always been a very positive person, full of energy and determination. Even during my working days, part of my daily duties was to boost team spirits and encourage positivity. Now I can take this further, outside of the office environment….

I believe that the success of a happy life is what we all have … optimism and determination. We must only learn that we are the creators of our future and so it’s up to us to decide what our future looks like. And that is what I want to challenge you with; I want to ROCK your world to inspire you and to empower you!

Right now we happily live in Zug area, Switzerland. And lucky us, Switzerland has the four seasons, so I celebrate the season with you! Every season I invite you to my ‘Wundertisch’; a well-styled table as a gesture of welcoming and hospitality. My goal is to transform a blank canvas into a gorgeous tablescape for each season, at home or online. Everything on & around the table is for sale … except for me ; )

As we are on the move we discover a lot which I love to share with you on this blog. So sst… read & enjoy!