about me

Born in Nairobi Hospital where my love for Africa was born. When I was five years old we moved from Nairobi to the Netherlands. As soon as I was old enough, 18 years old, I started to travel to explore the world.  I moved from Le Monêtier-les-Bains (France), Washington DC (USA), Paris (France), Amsterdam (The Nehterlands), Winnipeg (Canada), Paris (France), Curacao (Caribbean) and ready for London (UK).

After graduating in MA Communications Management in London, I have had a successful career in Information and Communication Technology spanning over 20 years. I was a busy career woman living in Amsterdam, juggling work, business travel, family and home.

Then in 2016 a big change happened……our family, my husband, two daughters and myself, had been relocated to Switzerland with my husband’s job. And all of a sudden I became a stay at home mum / expat wife. I did (and still do) feel very lucky to have the opportunity to take some time off work and to reflect, but the prospect of leaving my career behind was a scary one because my work had always been such a major part of my life…   However, now I am finally able to focus on my husband and kids (and myself!), and to rediscover my hobbies. I realize that it gives me most satisfaction to help, inspire and share happiness with people. I have always been a very positive person, full of energy and determination. 

This last year, 2019, we moved from Switzerland back to the Netherlands and after a short four months back to my roots… Africa. So we now happily live in Addis Ababa. A dream came true! Since I was a kid, I always wanted to go back to Africa, the continent I was born. I knew there was so much more to discover in Africa besides Kenya. So next to my home country Kenya, we now discover Ethiopia; the oldest independent country in Africa and one of the most ancient in the world.

The starting point of a move abroad is to make our home our home; a place where we can charge & relax and where our dreams come true. While traveling, I’ve learned to take care of ourselves as a family and surround ourselves with people and things that make us happy.

So wherever we live, Africa will always inspire me. If you walk through my house you will feel a bit of Africa, even when we lived in snow-y Swiss. And now I live in the heart of my dream- continent with all its treasures!

During our travels I collect unique selections of natural objects, beautiful handmade artefacts and nice-to-haves to create a home port wherever it is on this beautiful world. And this world, with all its different cultures and nature, drives my creative inspiration; I decorate, paint, take pictures, cook, read, share my treasures and mostly love to create products and art pieces myself that reminds me to the memorable journeys in our lives.

Once in a while I organise small get togethers to share my treasures. I call these small events ‘Wundertisch’; I transform a blank canvas into a gorgeous tablescape. A well-styled table as a gesture of welcoming and hospitality. Everything on & around the table is for sale … except for me and my lovely staff ; )

As we are constantly on the move, we discover a lot in this world, which I love to share with you! So please follow me on this site, Pinterest, Facebook and/or Instagram!